Your waste are in good hands

A collection centre open to individuals

Receiving individuals

Receiving individuals wishing to get rid of metals is our main daily activity.

Contrary to the container fleet, we buy waste delivered to our site.  There is no restriction to volume or to the number of daily visits.

Prices vary depending on the quoted market price of metals.  Our policy is to adapt the prices every month depending on the stock exchange for ferrous metals and every week for non-ferrous (except significant variation; in this case we correct the price directly).  The prices that you see on site are therefore trends.  We invite you to get in touch with us (email or telephone to obtain the best price possible depending on what you have (the price will be different if you deliver 1 kg or 1 ton)

Weighing of the different qualities

When you arrive on site you will be directed to the big or small scales depending on the quantity delivered but also the type of metal.

Ferrous metals are weighed on the big scales, the non-ferrous on the small.

You must repeat the operation as many times as you have different sorts of metal.


Help with Unloading

If you wish, we can help you to unload your vehicle, either with the crane if the load is too heavy, or by hand.

In addition to helping you, the aim of this operation is to control the quality of the delivery and teach you to recognise the different types of grade.  The people present on site are experts in the art of differentiating metals and can help you to best identify them, allowing you to better group them together when you next visit us.

Establishment of the Delivery slip and payment in cash

Once your weighing slip in hand you must go back to reception with your identity card to establish a delivery slip in your name and accept the amount due to you in cash.

Generally, payment is always made in cash, apart from a few exceptions:

  • If you don’t have your identity card on you, we have to pay into an account
  • If you provide copper cables (whatever the form: stripped, with the sheath, burnt, crushed…) the law forbids us paying in cash for this material.
  • Any amount exceeding €3000 must be paid into an account

A service adapted to each professional

“Tailor-made” proposals to remove your waste

You’re a professional and you’re looking for a global solution to pick up your metallic waste?


We propose solutions adapted to your needs.

With more than 50 years experience in B2B collection, we have a very wide range of solutions to allow you to earn money with your waste and concentrate on your business.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to ask for a sales rep to visit

Dropping off a container(s) or bin(s) at your site

You don’t have the time or the technical means to come and deliver your metals yourself?

We put containers and bins at your disposal on your site and we look after positioning and removing them for free.  Our wide range allows us to best adapt the volume of our containers to the quantity of waste you produce or the space available.

You have several grades but no room to house several containers?  We can offer you smaller bins or a container with compartments…

Each client has its specificities and our strength is to adapt perfectly to the requirements of each, so that managing your waste takes you as little time as possible.

Removal on site

You’re on site and don’t have the chance to repatriate your metallic waste…

No problem, for a certain tonnage, we come to remove the goods with our container with grapple hooks and repatriate it to our site.

Calcul du prix

Contrary to the prices given on our Halanzy site, prices during the positioning of a container in a factory or a removal of goods via a container with grapple hooks vary according to several criteria.

  • The distance: according to the kilometres travelled by our lorry for dropping off and removing containers the price of the metals will vary
  • The duration: the immobilisation time of the container on your site will influence the metal part-exchange price
  • The annual tonnage: the price will also vary depending on the number of removals we carry out over the year
  • The quality: if the batch requires sorting on its arrival at our site, the price will also be influenced by this.

Each situation is unique; this is why it’s always better to call on our sales rep who will analyse your needs in the best way.

Depending on your preferences, he can give you

  • A fixed price according to the day of removal
  • A price based on a formula in relation to stock exchange variations

Our solutions are tailor-made; don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can make you an offer.

Contact us? Nothing could be simpler!

You need additional information concerning a price, a dropping off of a container, goods removal?

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